I am Canadian. Do I receive tax credit for my donation?

The Savory Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As such, we are not registered as a Canadian charity organization that would automatically give Canadian donors tax credits from their gifts.
However, Canadian tax law does allow for donating to US charities and receiving a tax credit in circumstances where a portion of your income comes from the US. The information below is directly from the canada.ca website, found here:


"Generally, if you have U.S.-source income, you can claim a gift to a U.S. charity if the charity meets the following conditions:

  • it is generally exempt from U.S. tax
  • it could qualify in Canada as a registered charity if it were a resident of Canada and created or established in Canada

You can claim the eligible amount of your U.S. gifts up to 75% of the net U.S.-source income you report on your Canadian return. However, you may be able to claim the eligible amount of your gifts to U.S. organizations up to 75% of your net world income. You can do this if the gift would be allowed as a deduction under the United States Internal Revenue Code and you meet all the following conditions:

  • you live near the border in Canada throughout the year
  • you commute to your principal workplace or business in the United States
  • that employment or business was your main source of income for the year

Similarly, your claim will also not be restricted to net U.S.-source income if your gift is to a U.S. college or university at which you or a member of your family is or was enrolled in, or if your gift is to a registered U.S. university as referenced in the list of qualified donees above."

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