How do I dedicate/gift a donation to someone?

Savory's donation system gives you the option of either dedicating a donation/membership in someone's honor or gifting it to them directly. This can be done for one-time donations or for recurring gifts as part of our Regenerating Member program.

To Make a Gift in Someone's Name

On the checkout page, under the donation amount check the "dedicate my donation in honor of someone" box:




A new portion of the form will then appear, allowing you to choose to make your gift "in honor of..." or "in memory of..." someone. If choosing to honor someone, you can enter their contact details and an optional message to let them know about your contribution in their name. If making a gift in memory of someone, feel free to leave the contact information blank.


To Gift a Regenerating Membership

If you are gifting Regenerating Membership (i.e. a recurring monthly donation to someone), follow the same steps as above but additionally please email us at with the subject line "MEMBERSHIP GIFT - Add user".

Since our system does not automatically send us the contact details of honorees, your email to Savory will allow us to send them their membership welcome materials. 

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