Is Savory a "1% For The Planet" partner?

Yes! Savory Institute is a proud environmental non-profit partner in the 1% For The Planet program. You can find our profile in 1%'s directory here.

How do businesses give to 1% partners?

1% for the Planet Members (aka brands) make support directly to approved environmental partners like the Savory Institute. Once support is made, 1% for the Planet staff certifies donations as part of their annual commitment.

1% for the Planet staff support members each fiscal year in the annual certification of their 1% commitment. During the certification period, businesses confirm total revenue by providing proof of revenue documentation (a tax document, letter from an accountant, or bookkeeping report) and documentation of donations (copy of donation receipts, signed acknowledgment letters, or proof of donation) from approved environmental partners. These documents are reviewed by 1%'s certification team to confirm that 1% of total revenue was donated.

Continued membership is contingent on completing this annual process and submitting these documents.

My business wants to give 1% to Savory, now what?

Savory accepts a wide-range of giving options, including online donations, checks, and bank transfers. To get started, please email Bobby Gill <>, Savory's Director of Development and Communications, to discuss your business's support of the Savory Institute.

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