What is the Hub activation pathway?

A Savory Hub is a unique role within the Savory Global Network. Savory Hubs provide on-going training and support in Holistic Management, and offer ecological monitoring, including Ecological Outcome Verification. Given this essential role, the on-boarding process to becoming a Savory Hub is intentionally designed, and has evolved to become this 18-month Activation Pathway during the last 10+ years of the Global Network. The outcome of the Activation Pathway is a new (or redesigned) Savory Hub that is ready and prepared to activate change in their region of the world. 

Savory Hub Activation Pathway

1. Immersion Phase

After a Hub applicant expresses interest by completing the Hub Interest Form, the individual(s) interested in forming a Savory Hub are given a set of prerequisites to complete that are designed to immerse them more fully in the work of Savory Hubs and Holistic Management. This introductory phase is important in that it allows potential Hub candidate to determine that forming and running a Savory Hub is the right course of action for them to pursue and that they have the time/resources available to do so.

After completing the homework prerequisites of this phase, a the potential Hub candidate sends confirmation to the Savory Global Network Coordinator who will then send details on next steps if determined appropriate.

2. Application Phase

In this phase, a formal Savory Hub application is submitted to the Savory Institute Hub Review Committee. The application consists of three components:

  1. A written narrative
  2. A projection budget for the proposed Savory Hub
  3. A short (5 minutes or less) video about the proposed Savory Hub

A Savory Hub application with more information on these components, including prompts for the written narrative and video, as well as a budget template are sent to the applicant by the Savory Global Network Coordinator. Hub applicants are given two weeks to complete their application. 

Once submitted successfully, the review committee scores the application based on a scoring matrix developed by the Savory Institute. If the potential Hub candidate successfully passes the review, a formal letter is extended to the applicant from the Savory Institute offering them Savory Hub candidacy. If the Hub Candidate team accepts the offer, then they officially become a Savory Hub Candidate. This means they are in the process of accreditation, which includes enrollment of all Hub trainings, being added to the map of Hubs on Savory's website, as well as given access to Savory's various platforms. 

3. Training Phase

The new Hub Candidate team is oriented to trainings required to complete the Hub accreditation process and complete the Activation Pathway. This includes online, on-demand courses for new Hub leaders as well as two virtually-facilitated courses for Hub teams. The two virtually-facilitated courses are the Design Lab and the Holistic Management Comprehensive. 

  1. Design Lab: The Design Lab is a leadership course for Hub leaders. It is facilitated by the Savory Global Network Coordinator, with content and workshops from Savory Hub leaders, advisors, partners, and Savory Institute team members. At the end of Design Lab, each new Hub leader will provide a presentation on the Activation Plan for their Hub to the entire Savory Global Network. This presentation is one of the requirements for Hub Accreditation. 
  2. Holistic Management Comprehensive: This course is taught, and facilitated by, Savory Institute Senior Program Director, and long time Holistic Management educator, Byron Shelton. Byron is accompanied in teaching the course by experienced educators from the Savory Global Network of Holistic Management Accredited Professionals. Future educators on the Hub team are encouraged to attend this course. The entire Hub team should be proficient in Holistic Management and this course is a great way to develop a strong foundation for the Hub team. 

4. Demonstration Phase

After training with the Savory Institute is complete, the Hub Candidate team moves on to demonstrating their ability to manage holistically and get started with an experienced mentor in offering Holistic Management education and support to their region.  The Hub Candidate at this phase submits the following to the Savory Institute to apply for accreditation:

  1. Holistic Grazing Plan for the Learning Site (created/taught in HM Comp)
  2. Holistic Financial Plan for the Hub or Learning Site (created/taught in HM Comp)
  3. Ecological Monitoring, or EOV,  at the Learning Site (created/taught in HM Comp)
  4. Temporary Land Plan of the Learning Site showing major infrastructure and livestock infrastructure on the property such as barns, buildings, permanent fences, watering points. (created/taught in HM Comp)
  5. Activation Plan for the new Hub (created in Design Lab)
  6. Whole Under Management and Holistic Context for the new Hub (created in Design Lab)

During this phase the Hub Candidate will also connect with experienced Savory Accredited Professionals (AP) to get mentorship in teaching Holistic Management, and the educators of the Hub team will arrange to co-teach their first courses with an experienced AP. 

5. Conscious Contract Phase

Once the documentation listed in step 4 is submitted to the Savory Institute, the Conscious Contract phase begins. This is the agreement between the Savory Institute and the new Hub. It is a unique legal document that outlines how the two parties are in relationship with each other, the commitments they are making to each other and how they will treat each other. Once both parties are satisfied with the Conscious Contract between them, it is signed electronically and the Savory Hub Candidate is now an official Accredited Hub of the Savory Global Network. Participation in the network as a future mentor and engaged member is expected from Hub leaders and Hub teams, in order to create health and strong communication within the network. 


As a reminder, the following is a list of the core functions of Hubs:

  • Holistic Management (HM) Training
  • Holistic Management Implementation Support
  • EOV Enrollment
  • Market access for farmers and producers in their region
  • Policy influence
  • Demonstration of HM (demo/learning site)
  • Creating awareness of HM (PR, Media)
  • Building a local/regional network

If you have any questions about applying to become a Savory Hub, please contact the Savory Global Network Coordinator, Abbey Kingdon: akingdon@savory.global

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