How do I learn Holistic Management?

How do I learn Holistic Management?

There are multiple ways to learn Holistic Management, depending on which approach best fits your needs. The most important thing to remember is that managing holistically is a lifelong journey. No matter which route you take towards starting your Holistic Management journey, there is always more to learn.

Here are some of the various options to learning Holistic Management:

Take a Course with Your Local Savory Hub

Savory Hubs offer a variety of both in-person or virtually facilitated Holistic Management courses (among other offerings) that cover the full array of the Holistic Management curriculum, including the foundational concepts, grazing planning, land planning, financial planning, and ecological monitoring.

To find an upcoming course near you, check Savory’s online events calendar or reach out to your local Hub directly.

Enroll in Savory’s Online Courses

If you prefer self-paced learning, Savory Institute offers the Foundations of Holistic Management as a self-paced online course, broken down into 5 modules:

You can enroll in individual courses or save 20% by purchasing the five-course bundle.

Note: The online courses only cover the foundations of Holistic Management. They do not cover specifics related to Holistic Planned Grazing or the other planning procedures. For these aspects of Holistic Management, you may wish to consider the other options listed in this article.

Read the Textbook and Handbook

Originally published in 1988 and now in its third edition, Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment is the seminal textbook by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield. After reading the textbook, pick up a copy of the Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits. In it, you’ll find worksheets, tips, and step-by-step instructions to master the planning and monitoring procedures of Holistic Management. 

You can think of the textbook as the “why” and the handbook as the “how.”

Note: Much of the content in the Holistic Management Handbook can also be found in the e-Books.


If you prefer a digital resource broken into smaller segments, Savory publishes 13 Holistic Management e-Books that can be purchased in three bundles:

  1. Foundations Bundle (e-Books #1-5)
  2. Financial Bundle (e-Books #6-7)
  3. Grazing Bundle (e-Books #8-13)
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