How do I stay up-to-date on Savory's work?

Get the Monthly Newsletter

With so much activity happening around the Savory Global Network – more than any one person could keep up with – Savory curates the latest updates and brings them to you in our monthly newsletter, Ruminations. This once-a-month email also contains interesting articles or other media we’ve come across, in-depth discussions on a single topic, and upcoming events. 

Click here to sign up for the Ruminations newsletter. You can cancel or adjust your email preferences at any time, just click “update email preferences” at the bottom of any email.

Follow on Social Media

You can also follow Savory Institute on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Be sure to @ tag Savory in anything you’d like us to see, and don’t forget to to use the #HolisticManagement and #HolisticPlannedGrazing hashtags so others in the community can follow along.

Find Upcoming Events

Savory’s online calendar contains all upcoming events, including trainings, workshops, field days, webinars, and more. Events from both the Savory Institute (the organization) and the Savory Hubs (the Global Network) are included in this calendar.

Read the Blog

Savory’s blog features a wide array of Holistic Management content, including periodic posts from Allan Savory, Savory staff and advisors, and Network leaders.

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