Does Savory Institute offer need-based discounts?

Accreditation Discounts

At this time, the Savory Institute only offers need-based discounts for certain accreditation-related materials and costs (e.g. annual Hub dues are discounted based on an economic assessment of a specific country/region.)

Additionally, Hub candidates can apply for the Savory Global Scholarship to cover the costs of their Hub Activation Pathway.

Product Discounts

With some careful planning, you can get discounts on products in the Savory online store, including books, ebooks, online courses, and more.

25% off for Regenerating Members

All Regenerating Members (i.e. recurring monthly donors) of the Savory Institute receive a 25% off code to use in Savory's online store. Higher level members receive additional discounts from partner brands as well.

10% off through Hub affiliate links

Some Savory Hubs have elected to participate in the Savory Institute Affiliate Program wherein a 10% discount is provided on nearly all Savory Institute Online store products if they’re purchased using a code or link provided by the Hub. Contact your local Hub (or take a look at their website) to see if they participate in this program. 

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