Where can I ask questions about the content in the Foundations of Holistic Management online courses?

If you are taking one (or all) of the Foundations of Holistic Management online courses, you have direct access to a group of Savory-accredited Holistic Management educators who are available to provide their expertise and help you through your learning journey.

To pose a question or ask for help, simply type your question into the comments section at the bottom of the page for whichever course module you’re working through. A team of Holistic Management educators monitors these comments and will jump in to answer your question as soon as they see it. Other students may also respond to your question and we encourage this collaborative learning!


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Comments from accredited educators will appear in yellow and an "instructor" tag will appear alongside their profile photo, whereas other students' comments will show up in grey. This let's you easily distinguish between when you're chatting with another student or an accredited expert.

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