What is a Savory Hub?

A Hub is a locally owned, managed, and led organization for the demonstration, training, and implementation support of Holistic Management and Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), in a given region of the world. Hubs are supported by the Savory Institute through a training and accreditation program, to learn how to properly teach and support Holistic Management, and offer Savory programs such as EOV.

After receiving accreditation, hub leaders have access to the Holistic Management and EOV bodies of knowledge and intellectual property, and are provided annually with the most up-to-date curriculum, programs, tools and support needed to be successful in impacting their region. Additionally, each hub is supported and connected to the Savory Institute, and Savory Global Network brands and their reputation for committed action and positive results. The Hub is a center of excellence and learning, incubation and demonstration, where Holistic Management is actively practiced and contextually relevant to the local culture, environment and economy. Regardless of where they are in the world, Savory Network hubs must have three key elements:


Each Savory Network hub is equipped or engaged with Savory Accredited Professionals who are experienced in practicing and teaching Holistic Management to successfully handle the complexities of management in commercial and/or communal land settings. We require that Field Professionals have at least three years of land and livestock management experience (*see AFP requirements). The hub must be served by a hub leader. This person, or people, tend to the business development, administration, and marketing of the hub. The hub leader is the organizer of activation in the region. They play the vital role of bringing together the right people (stakeholders, partners, experts, ranchers, pastoralists, government, etc.) to build the structures and capacity needed to create regenerative results in the region. 


Each Savory Hub will have management control over a parcel of land representative of the regional context they are operating in, that will be managed holistically, and will serve as a demonstration, incubation, and learning site. The land should have livestock on it. This site provides a location for hands-on training for pastoralists, farmers, ranchers and land managers who are learning to use Holistic Management. It also serves as a lab for scientific research and special projects.  Each site uses all four Holistic Management planning procedures--Holistic Planned Grazing, Holistic Financial Planning, Ecological Monitoring and Land Planning. The site is EOV-verified.


Each Savory Hub has access to the Savory Network community forum, a digital, multimedia, interactive platform that provides access to the entire Savory Global Network: fellow Hub leaders, Holistic Management educators, regenerating members, and Savory Institute staff. They also have access to training materials and curricula, numerous libraries, including scientific papers, branding assets, and much more. This collaboration forum provides the necessary structure and support to ensure that hubs' work around the world is consistent and successful, that change happens through peer-to-peer learning and support, and all network members nurture, and are nurtured by, the community. We highly encourage participation in this platform as it is our “place” of meeting and community interaction.

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