What are the benefits to being a Hub?

Below are some, but not all, of the benefits of becoming a Savory Hub. 

  • Access to the Holistic Management intellectual property developed by Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield, and the Savory Institute. This includes curriculum, training, educational, and marketing materials.
  • Use of the Savory Institute and Savory Global Network brand. The Savory Global Network is involved in Holistic Management projects and implementation support in more than 30 countries and on all continents, except Antarctica. 
  • Access to ongoing virtual and in-person training and support from the Savory Institute for hub business development design, and operations.
  • Participation in the Savory Global Network mentorship program, which is part of the Hub Activation Pathway (the process of becoming an accredited hub). 
  • Participation, as desired, in Savory Institute’s work on global policy, communication, and public relations campaigns.
  • Access to a collaboration platform for the members of the Savory Global Network to connect, share information and resources, and collaborate on work.
  • Access to new, income-generating programs for the hub network, such as Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV). Hubs are eligible to offer these programs in their region. This is because they are equipped to offer ongoing producer support, EOV monitoring and verification.
  • Provider of accredited Holistic Management courses, training, and implementation support in their region. 
  • Receive customer and partnership leads from the Savory Institute and other members of the Savory Global Network.
  • Participate in networking opportunities and collaborate on research, and projects, with the Savory Institute.
  • Receive discounts on Savory Institute products, such as the online courses, and participate in incentive programs.
  • Serve as preferred providers for large-scale projects (3- to 5-year strategic projects usually executed in partnership with aligned organizations, to establish a Holistic Management proof of concept in a region or industry.) 
  • Be invited to submit proposals to, and access investment from, Savory Institute’s Grasslands Regeneration Acceleration Fund (GRAF) to accelerate regenerative outcomes in the Hub region.
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