How much does it cost to become a Hub?

Becoming a Savory Hub involves certain costs and offers various benefits. This article provides a clear breakdown of the fees associated with accreditation, as well as the intrinsic benefits and support provided by the Savory Institute. Additionally, we discuss the available discounts and program development offerings that can further enhance your experience as a Savory Hub.

Accreditation Fees:

To become a Savory Hub, there are two main fees:

  1. Hub Candidate Fee (One-time): The Hub Candidate fee is $10,000 and covers the 18-month Hub training and activation pathway. It includes activities such as the immersion phase, where you learn about the Hub program and Holistic Management, and the Hub Leader Design Lab, where mentors help you develop a detailed business plan for your Hub.

  2. Accreditation Fee (Annual): Once accredited, there is an annual fee of $1,900. This fee covers the revised and branded Holistic Management curriculum and training materials, Savory Global Network branding assets, continued education sessions, and access to the Global Network community platform.

Gifts from Savory to the Network:

The Savory Institute provides the following offerings to the Network at no charge, supporting the Network's functions without any expectation of engagement:

  1. Community Platform: A digital space for Network members to collaborate, share information, store and distribute official documents, and post events.

  2. Global Network Gathering Hosting and Event Coordination: The Savory Institute provides support, including talent, resources, and financial assistance, for Network events.

  3. Quarterly Meetings for Hubs: Accredited Hub leaders have the opportunity to meet quarterly, share updates, learn from each other, and gain information from the Savory Institute.

  4. Hub Microsites: Each accredited Hub is provided with a landing page on the website, generating leads and interest in the Hub's offerings.


Savory Hubs and Accredited Professionals (APs) are eligible for special discounts on the following:

  1. Online Course Enrollment: Hub leaders receive complimentary registrations for the Savory 'Foundations of Holistic Management' course. Additionally, Hubs and APs can purchase additional registrations at a 50% discount.

  2. Hub Candidate Scholarship: Hub candidates can apply for the Savory Global Scholarship to cover the costs of the Hub Activation Pathway.

  3. Allan Savory & SI Staff Speaking Engagements: A 50% discount is offered for keynote speaking engagements coinciding with Hub events.

Intrinsic Benefits of Hub Network Membership:

Being part of the Hub Network provides various intrinsic benefits that can contribute to your Hub's success:

  1. Savory Brand: Accredited members gain access to certain branding assets, but the value of the Savory brand, including its leadership and credibility in the industry, is invaluable. Each member contributes to the collective value and integrity of the brand.

  2. Marketing Support for Hubs: Savory Institute promotes and distributes the stories of accredited Hubs to advance the overall mission of the organization and the Global Network.

  3. Intra-Network Mentorship: Experienced Hub leaders mentor new Hub leaders, creating a supportive environment and investing in the overall health of the Network.

  4. Business Lead Generation: The Savory Institute collects leads from various channels and directs them to accredited Hubs for further engagement and development, providing valuable business opportunities.

  5. Large Project Implementation Partnerships: Savory Hubs have the opportunity to collaborate with the Savory Institute in implementing large landscape signature projects secured by the Institute's large projects business unit.
  6. GRAF and Other Partners' Investment: Accredited Hubs can pitch projects to the Savory Institute's Grassland Regeneration Accelerator Fund (GRAF) for visibility, connection to partner investors, or potential seed investment. Additionally, GRAF may award discretionary grants to accredited Hubs to advance EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) and Land to Market initiatives in strategic regions. 

SI Program Development Offerings:

The Savory Institute offers the following programs at no cost to network members. These programs are sponsored by the Savory Institute (SI) and provided when deemed necessary:

  1. On-Site EOV Quality Assurance Training: Master and Hub verifiers gather to learn the latest version of EOV, which is determined by the Savory Institute's assessment of the training needs.

  2. AP Advancement On-Site Training: SI offers trainings to help Accredited Professionals advance in AP levels, thereby building capacity across the Network. The timing and frequency of these trainings are determined by the Savory Institute based on the needs of APs.

  3. Discovery and Opportunity (DO) Sessions: Regional events that aim to support alignment among multiple Hubs, identify regional challenges and opportunities, and inform the allocation of SI resources in Network programs.

  4. Products Affiliate Program Enrollment, Training, and Support: The Savory Institute provides training and support to Hubs, focusing on maximizing affiliate program engagement and sales with Hub customers.


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