What are the steps to becoming a Savory Accredited Educator?

The steps to becoming an accredited Holistic Management educator in the Savory Global Network are:

    1. (optional) Take the online Foundations of Holistic Management course
    2. Find a Savory Hub offering Holistic Management courses
    3. Take the required courses
    4. Schedule an exit interview with the Savory Institute
    5. Take (and pass) the exit interview
    6. Pay your annual accreditation dues

At this point, unless you otherwise meet the criteria for a higher level of accreditation as listed here, you will become an Associate Educator who is accredited to teach the concepts of Holistic Management. Post-accreditation, there are additional programs, opportunities, and continuing education offerings provided to accredited educators by the Savory Institute.

Finding a Hub and Taking the Pre-Requisite Courses

The first step to becoming an educator accredited to teach the Holistic Management curriculum is to take the full suite of Holistic Management courses, which are offered and taught by Savory Hubs, not by the Savory Institute.

The full list of courses required to become an accredited educator include:

    1. Foundations of Holistic Management (also offered online by the Savory Institute, or through Savory Hubs with a discount)
    2. Holistic Planned Grazing
    3. Holistic Land Planning
    4. Holistic Financial Planning
    5. Ecological Monitoring

Due to evolutions in our understanding of Holistic Management and the resulting changes to the curriculum, only courses taken through an accredited Savory Hub will be recognized by the Savory Institute for accreditation as they will contain the most up-to-date and accurate information.

You can find a list of accredited Savory Hubs here. 

The Exit Interview

After the required coursework is complete and you feel confident in the Holistic Management concepts and curriculum, please fill out this form to schedule your exit interview. There is a $200 fee for the exit interview which goes to your interviewer for their time.

The Savory Institute will then connect you with an exit interviewer who will conduct a two-hour oral exam covering the Holistic Management framework, core concepts, planning procedures, etc. Your exit interviewer will then discuss results with Savory Institute's Senior Director of Programs, and a decision will be made on accreditation suitability.

Annual Dues

After you pass your exit interview, you will be notified and prompted to complete your accreditation by paying the annual dues (USD $399), adjusted to your local currency, which covers access to the online Network Forums, continuing education provided by the Savory Institute (often at no cost), training materials, and more. Once payment is received, a certificate is issued and you are fully accredited! Here is the link to pay your annual AP dues.

Post-Accreditation Benefits

After accreditation, it is highly encouraged, though not mandatory, that as an Accredited Professional (AP) you establish a working relationship with a Savory Hub (or many!) to help build your training business and client list. AP's who opt to work outside of a Hub may have difficulty since the Savory Institute intentionally does not advertise a public list of APs, and instead refers all inquiries to the local Savory Hub who is the coordinator of Holistic Management and EOV activity within a region.

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