How much does it cost to become an Accredited Educator?

There are three main costs associated with becoming an Accredited Professional (AP) who is qualified as an educator to teach Holistic Management:

    • Holistic Management courses: Varies*
    • Exit Interview: USD $200 (one-time fee)
    • Accreditation dues: USD $399 (annual fee, adjusted to local currency)

*Training costs vary by location since potential AP's go through training with a Savory Hub who has the freedom to set their own prices based on local markets. For example, the price of a course in Zimbabwe may differ from the price in the UK. A potential AP can take Holistic Management at whichever Hub(s) best meets their needs. Please contact the Savory Hub(s) that you plan to take training with for exact course pricing. A list of accredited Savory Hubs can be found here.

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