What are the benefits of being an Accredited Professional?

There are many benefits to becoming an Accredited Professional, whether you choose to be a Holistic Management educator, and/or an EOV monitor. Below we list a few of the benefits that might help you better assess if accreditation is an investment that will accelerate your career:

Teach, Monitor, or Do Both

Depending on what suits your holistic context, you can become accredited to teach and consult in Holistic Management, you can offer EOV monitoring and verification services, or you can do both. There are some AP's who work solely doing EOV, while others only teach courses, and then there is a third group who does both.

Career Advancement and Development

Accreditation can launch or advance careers in a variety of different ways. Some people begin their careers as an Accredited Professional, some transition careers later in life, and others supplement their existing career with their accreditation.

For example, some ranchers and farmers who manage holistically also teach Holistic Management and provide consulting in the non-growing season, while others are road warriors conducting Holistic Management training and consultation year-round. This webinar recording interviews several APs about their careers, and how accreditation accelerated their career. 

Broad Scope and Application

Anyone who has gone deep with Holistic Management understands that it has wide-ranging applications, not just in agriculture. While Accredited Professional services are most often applied to agriculture and land management, they can also be applied, and taught in a variety of other fields.

Some AP's focus on policy development and government, while others use it as an adjunct to professional civil engineering services. There are even AP's who use it for community development and elementary education. We encourage people to explore the wide-ranging applications of Holistic Management to provide benefits outside the typical spheres in which it is often used.

Flexibility and Global Scope 

As you can see, Accredited Professionals are not all funneled into the same career path containing the same work hours, work location, or even primary focus. Accreditation allows you to create a career in Holistic Management that fits your interests and availability.

In addition, Accredited Professionals are qualified to work globally through the Savory Global Network, and to contract on large-scale projects coordinated by the Savory Institute team. 


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