What is the demand for AP services?

Accredited Professionals (which include both Holistic Management Educators of EOV Verifiers) have many options to discover work opportunities given their combination of Holistic Management education, practical field experience, and agricultural technical skills. At the end of the day, however, accreditation with the Savory Institute does not guarantee work. As with any new business, you need to build a client base and establish trust in the communities where you'll be working. Your accreditation will certainly help on that path, and below are a few avenues where you might help build your clientele pipeline:

Savory Hubs

Many Savory Hubs have a need for Accredited Professionals. This work can range from teaching Holistic Management courses and conducting EOV services to mentoring upcoming Accredited Professionals or event managing their Hub's demonstration site. Accredited Professionals can connect with Savory Hubs during their training, at in-person or online network events, or through the Savory Network's online community platform. 

Network Connections 

The Savory Institute regularly receives job postings from within our Network and from those tangential to our work. Accredited Professionals have access to the Savory Network community platform wherein a job board exists and new postings are added frequently. 

Agricultural & Other Job Boards 

While Accredited Professional services are most often applied to agriculture and land management, they can also be applied to many fields besides agriculture. Some Accredited Professionals focus on policy development, government, civil engineering, community development, and elementary education, for example. With that in mind, many work possibilities exist outside of those shared through the Savory Network. 

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