How do I become an EOV Verifier or Monitor?

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is a protocol for monitoring land health,
providing a holistic look at both leading and lagging indicators of ecological function. EOV Monitors and Verifiers conduct Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) monitoring on landbases (rangelands, public land, farms and ranches) in their ecoregion, allowing land stewards to measure ecological health, and monitor for entire ecological uplift in that landbase.

What is an EOV Monitor?

An EOV Monitor operates through a local Savory Hub, and performs short-term and long-term monitoring events for landbases in their region. Well-made matrices (with ample detail, species noted in all applicable categories, and noting quantitative figures whenever possible) and an understanding of reference areas keep consistent scores from one EOV Monitor to the next.

Short Term Monitor (STM) Requirements:

  • Document at least one year experience in rangeland/grasslands management
  • Complete EOV Short-Term monitor training
  • Complete EOV Short-Term monitoring experience requirements (a minimum of 2 short-term monitoring events data entered into the data platform and approved by the EOV Global Quality Assurance team)

Long Term Monitor (LTM) Requirements:

  • Complete EOV Short-Term Monitor accreditation
  • Complete EOV Long-Term Monitor training
  • Complete EOV Long-Term monitoring experience requirements (a minimum of 2 long-term monitoring events data entered into the data platform and approved by the EOV Global Quality Assurance team)

Becoming an EOV Monitor

EOV Monitors are trained by the local Hub Verifier. Costs associated with becoming an EOV Monitor vary by region, so please contact your local Savory Hub for upcoming monitor trainings and prices. A list of Savory Hubs, their locations and contact information can be found here. 

To apply and request a login to the platform as an EOV Monitor, complete this form.

What is an EOV Verifier?

An EOV Verifier, sometimes referred to as a Hub Verifier since EOV is conducted in concert with a local Savory Hub, are experienced and accredited Field Professionals, practitioners of Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture. They receive additional training in the EOV process to ensure the development of consistent, robust, and repeatable monitoring practices across the globe. Verifiers define ecoregions, set up corresponding reference areas, and oversee annual monitoring of reference areas. They will also work with the land stewards to set up their long-term monitoring sites for each landbase involved in the program.

Verifiers play an important quality assurance role. They conduct a review and analysis of the data submitted to the centralized database in the EOV digital platform to ensure the data is ‘clean’, i.e. it has been recorded correctly, it makes sense for the region, and compared to previous monitoring activities, and there are no significant issues flagged. Hub Verifiers then create the report for the land steward, and confirm the verification as appropriate.

Becoming an EOV Verifier

EOV Verifiers are trained by an EOV Master Verifier as part of their Hub's accreditation pathway. The Master Verifier conducts a 4- to 5-day training for the new Hub to train Hub Verifier(s), and their first group of Monitors. The entirety of this training typically costs USD $7,500 (+ travel). 

Training for Hub Verifiers covers all the work of EOV Monitor training. The training also covers ecoregions, states and transitions, reference areas, and quality control. The training includes practical field experience.


  • Complete Holistic Management Field Professional requirements
  • Complete EOV Hub Monitor Short-Term and Long-Term Monitor requirements
  • Complete EOV Hub Verifier training
  • Complete EOV Hub Verifier experience requirements (a minimum of 2 ecoregion setups)
  • Pass exit review with the Savory Institute

Opportunities for Hub Verifiers:

  • Train EOV Short-Term and Long-Term Monitors
  • Set up Long-Term monitoring on landbases
  • Set up new ecoregions & reference areas
  • Serve as Hub Verifier quality assurance

To apply and request a login to the platform as a Hub Verifier, complete this form.

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