What are the differences between the eBooks, the Handbook, and the Textbook?

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Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment, Third Edition (2016), covers the foundations of Holistic Management in detail and explains the reasoning behind the various planning procedures that appear in the Handbook. The Textbook gives an overview of all the planning and monitoring procedures listed in the Holistic Management framework, including policy and research.  It expresses the “Why” of Holistic Management – why it matters, why it is essential for solving so many of the world’s most pressing problems, and why you should care.

English Publisher:  Island Press, USA

Spanish Publisher:  Cable a Tierra, Chile


The Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits, Third Edition (2019), is the Holistic Management “How To” book for land managers. It explains in step-by-step detail how to create your holistic financial plan, grazing plan, land (infrastructure) plan, and to complete your ecological monitoring. It was designed as a companion to the textbook. We recommend not risking resources on the information in the Handbook without reading the textbook, and also do not advise managing your operation from the advice in the textbook without mastering the details explained in this one.

 English Publisher:  Island Press, USA

Spanish Publisher:  Cable a Tierra, Chile


The first five eBooks summarize the information in the textbook. The remaining eight eBooks are derived from the Handbook and cover the same planning and monitoring procedures, but also include exercises and other teach-yourself information that help you learn the decision-making, planning and monitoring more easily. The Ebooks are updated annually and reflect the latest thinking gleaned from practitioners the world over.

Publisher (all languages):  Savory Institute

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