Does the Savory Institute own the West Bijou ranch?

The Savory Institute has owned and managed the West Bijou Ranch since 2017. 

Previous to 2017, Western Arapahoe Conservation District and private ranchers owned and managed the land as a cattle ranch for more than 100 years using continuous grazing. In 2007, the Plains Conservation Center (PCC) gained ownership and managed a herd of bison on the eastern third of the ranch and rested the western two-thirds of the ranch. Beginning in 2016, the entire ranch, divided into 17 paddocks, began being managed holistically for both the growing season and non-growing season by PCC before ownership was transferred to the Savory Institute in 2017. 

Today, the West Bijou Ranch operates as a cow-calf bison operation and additionally is one of two Savory Global Campuses




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