I don't have land or animals. How can I still get involved and help?

There are many moving pieces to this global movement, making for just as many ways to get involved! Below are some – but certainly not all – options that you may wish to consider:

  1. Learn and practice holistic decision-making. You don’t need animals or land to manage holistically. Every one of us makes decisions that involve living systems – whether those be for ourselves, our family, or the organizations where we spend our time – and these decisions can be made using the Holistic Management framework. Check out Savory’s online courses or ebooks to learn more and become an example for others.
  2. Become a Regenerating Member. As a non-profit, Savory Institute relies on the generous support of its members to help fund our efforts. As a thank you, Regenerating Members receive members-only perks. Click here to sign up.
  3. Connect with your local Hub. Savory Hubs are independently-owned and operated with a wide range of business models, events, and opportunities to get involved. Find your local Hub and see if there's a way to contribute.
  4. Become an Educator. If you're the type of person that likes to teach or support producers, getting accredited to teach Holistic Management might be a meaningful career path worth exploring. Accredited Professionals (AP's) in the Savory Global Network work with Savory Hubs and have access to the Holistic Management curriculum and training materials. Attend a monthly meetup to learn more about accreditation.
  5. Become an EOV Monitor or Verifier. Love rangeland ecology? Consider becoming an EOV Verifier or Monitor to kickstart a career in ecological monitoring. Attend a monthly meetup to learn more about accreditation.
  6. Contribute your skillset. Have some other unique skillset that might be valuable to the mission? Let us know!
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