I run a business. Can I donate a portion of my proceeds to Savory?

If you sell products (either online or in-person) and would like to donate a portion of your product sales to the Savory Institute, we would happily welcome your contribution. You don’t need permission to collect donations for Savory Institute, but we’re always happy to hear from folks that are taking the initiative. Please email bgill@savory.global if you’d like to share.

Once you have collected your donations, you can send them to Savory using whichever method of donation is most convenient for you. The easiest way is to submit an online donation in the amount you have collected (you can enter your business name as the donor), but you can also mail in a check if that is preferred. Please address checks to “Savory Institute”, include your info in the memo line, and send to 885 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80302.

There are a variety of plugins and platforms that allow for rounding up at checkout or choosing a donation amount (e.g. Easy Donation or Donorbox for Shopify), so please check with your ecommerce provider for options.

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