Can I donate cryptocurrency?

Yes. As deep believers in decentralization, we happily accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies through – a registered 501(c)(3) that has developed a robust platform for donating crypto. The platform allows you to securely connect your wallet and donate using a wide variety of tokens. 

Click here to donate cryptocurrency. 

Endaoment‘s application is built on Ethereum, but can accept any crypto or digital asset, regardless of chain or type (yes, even NFTs!), as donations. To give through Endoament, you‘ll need an Ethereum-enabled wallet installed in your web browser (e.g. MetaMask and Wallet Connect). Endaoment also accepts “over-the-counter donations” of many other cryptocurrencies, please refer to this page for more details. 

Gifts to Savory Institute through the Endaoment platform are automatically converted to USD and deposited into Savory Institute’s account.

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