Media inquiries

If you are a reporter or journalist looking to interview someone at Savory, please submit an inquiry on our contact form.

In your note, please include the following information:

  • Preferred interviewee*
  • Preferred format of interview (phone, Zoom, in-person)
  • The publication you represent and its URL
  • Any pertinent timelines or deadlines
  • The type of content you'd like to discuss (e.g. "general overview of Savory's work," "technical discussion on carbon markets," etc.)

*Please note that requests to interview Allan Savory are highly scrutinized and not often granted given the number of inquiries we receive, bandwidth issues when he is Zimbabwe, and his desire to focus on his writings in these later years of his life. There are a number of other Savory Institute staff members and Savory Hub leaders who are highly educated and well-spoken on our work, so we are happy to recommend someone based on the specific topic(s) you would like to discuss.

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