I purchased something from the Savory Institute store but haven't received it yet. What should I do?

The Savory Institute partners with a fulfillment company that utilizes the following shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Asendia. When you place an order through the Savory Online Store, a shipping carrier is assigned based on your location and your package is sent out within one business day. If there are any issues with your order that prevents it from shipping, our team will get in touch with you directly. 

Once the item is shipped, the best way to track your shipment is through the assigned carrier directly (for example, through the tracking number you were provided) or by contacting the carrier. Unfortunately, our team does not have any control over the shipping process once it leaves the warehouse. Please visit this article for instructions about finding your shipping information. 

If for any reason your purchase will be significantly delayed, or is unable to be delivered, our team will contact you directly with more information and options. 

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